ManpowerGroup has participated in the project WEBWORK

ManpowerGroup has prepared interesting presentation on the topic “What skills do employers expect from young workers?”. Presentation included several researches, such as “The Skills...

Millennial Managers? Think Again.

It is time to rethink people practices to attract, retain and develop the next generation of leaders.


Age discrimination in hiring practices remains an issue in some countries despite an increased awareness globally and with many markets moving toward better protections. A significant number of...

Talent Shortage Survey

Globally, employers are reporting the highest talent shortage since 2007. 40% of global employers are having difficulty filling positions.

The first regional HR conference for IT industry

Conference “HR Code” was held on 13.10.2016. in hotel Falkensteiner in Belgrade. The first regional HR conference for IT industry was organized by ManpowerGroup.

Which skills companies in Serbia are seeking for?

Serbian companies are searching for talent with active learning, problem solving and goal orientation skills.


TAPFIN is a leading managed service provider (MSP) dedicated to the innovation and delivery of integrated workforce management solutions worldwide.

The first regional HR conference for IT industry

ManpowerGroup is organizing the first regional HR conference for IT industry, called “HRCode”. This unique conference will be held on 13 October 2016 in hotel Faklensteiner, Belgrade.

Always looking: The rise of Continuous Candidates

One of the newest phenomena in candidate preferences is Continuous Candidates- those who are always looking for the next job opportunity. The research results reveal how employers can better...

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